Dental problems – cat's teeth accumulate tartar (dental calculus) and often develop stains (Tooth and gum problems occur in 8 of every 10 cats).
First signs of advanced gum disease include: bad breath (halitosis), yellowish tartar on teeth and reddened gums. Hardness from tartar irritating the gums and causing gingivitis and loss of teeth (your cat lose weight because they are unable to eat) , should this happen visit your vet, which will include an oral examination.
Unhealty teeth & gums – dental disease can spread to other organs of the body.

How to prevent dental problems:

  • regulary brushing cat's teeth
  • regulary check cat's mouth
  • regular visit your vet

Brushing your cat's Teeth

Daily care of your cat's teeth – Kittens have their 26 milk or deciduous teeth at 2-3 weeks of age (permanent teeth begin erupting around 3 months). Most kittens quickly learn to accept short dental care sessions. Start toothbrush training early with just a tew teeth. Brushing cat's teeth should not be a chore if you take a thing slowly at the beginning.

Start with simply handling the mouth – get your fingers in the mouth. Then start by wiping the outside surface of the teeth with a soft cloth wrapped around you finger. Next step, introduceyour cat to the Toothbrush or Fingerbrush. Place a small amount of Toothpaste (specilapaste in flavours that cat will find tasty) on the brush. Gently brush one tooth with aslow circular motion.

Use only pet/cat dental paste – never use toothpaste for humans!

If your cat won't allow you to clean his teeth, or if you don't have the time or desire for your cat's dental care there are some other methods. Take your cat to the veterinarian for regular dental care and used specila foods (that will help clear the teeth). You can give dental chews to your cat directly or mixed with food.

Before and after teeth claening

Don't Forget – dental disease causing serious and dangeres illness to your cat!

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