Highlander Bellamoondo *PL - Ris

Highlander Bellamoondo *PL - Ris

Ris is the third male in our small cattery - Golden Maine Coon. We brought him from Poland.


Date of Birth: 
  FIFa number: 
19. 01. 2012
Maine Coon (MC)
(PL) FPL LO 45092
MCO d 22
Olga Szulakowska-Gawerida
Franjo Kovacic
IC DK*Coogan's Snake Eyes - Tiger

SC DK*Coogan's Snake Eyes - Tiger

Tiger (black classic tabby) is from Denmark (link to Lane & Peter Glem: Coogan´s Maine Coon) and he is a strong and wonderful young male with a lovely long coat. He has a charming personalitiy and his chin and muzzle are very strong.



We are really looking forward to see his developement.
Thank you, Lane, for trusting us with another lovely boy.

PR CH DK* Coogan's Jeffrey - Jeff

DK Coogan′s Jeffrey

Let us introduce you to a very special and our first breeding males Jeffrey, or as we call him, Jeff. Jeff is an adorable black Maine Coon Boy, born 27. 06. 2007.
Jeff has very large, uprught ears, a long, square muzzle, clean profile and strong chin. He's long, tall, solid and perfectly balanced with heavy boning and an extra long tail. Jeff has an outstanding temperament, he is very activ and playful young cat – he is always looking for an adventure.
Our Jeff is very inteligent and alweys redy to meet and greet visitors – he thinks everyone is his friend.
Thank you so much, Lene, for trusting us and letting this wonderful boy move to us.

Link to Lane & Peter Glem: Coogan´s Maine Coon

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