Jeff in the TV show »As ti tut not padu« - 8. episode, guest Sani Becirevic

Jeff iz mačkarne Goldenmainecoon z Ladom Bizovičajem
Lado Bizovicar with Jeff from Goldenmaineccon cattery

We received a call from POP TV with a request that our cat Jeff appears in the show »As ti tut not padu«. It was a big surprise for us and we couldn’t help but worry if everything will go well at the shooting.

However, Jeff is very trusting and used to company (especially to petting and playing), so we gladly took the offer.

On the shooting we came to realise that the guest on the show was a basketball-player Sani Becirovic. Lado Bizovicar and Jurij Zrnec, as usual, immediately attacked Sani with quirky, whimsical questions. They also came across superstition and Sani freely confessed that he is one of those seeing harbingers of bad luck in, for example, a black cat crossing the street. That was the moment a young lady came into the room, bringing our midnight black Jeff. Everybody was surprised by how well he took a crowd of people, slightly tiresome hosts and a somewhat terrified Sani. The much more curageous lady made another round, all the while mischievously glancing at Jurij, Lado and Sani.

Although Jeff's first TV-performance was brief, it was very successful. After the shooting had finished, we stayed in the public with our newly-made star who was exceptionally praised and lovingly petted. After all, he had calmly awaited the end of the show and was even photographed with Lado Bizovicar.

Short video from show »As ti tud not padu« with Jeff from Goldenmaineccon cattery.


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