Golden Maine Coon litter A

Our first Kittens from Misa (10.06.2007) - Arian, Aron and As (SI Golden Maine Coon).

The kittens are never caged, and are given free run of their home soon as they are properly vaccinated. They can wander freely and play with us and the other denizens of our home. Kittens stay with mom until 11-12 weeks of age. Why so long? There are lots of things a kittens must learn (mama Misa teach them most of their “cat manners”) in those 12 weeks to make them extraordinary companions. Kittens learn to use the litter box, and scratching post, and they learn how to interact with other cats, dogs and people.
Our kittens for pet are neutered (28.07.2007) and are 12 weeks old when they live as. They have all vaccinations (03.09.2007) and health certificate.





brown classic tabby with white “shoes”. It is our little crazy baby with a lot of humor.

He live in Sadinja vas, Slovenia now.







brown classic tabby. He’s got very strong character – nothing bothers him at all. He simply thinks he’s the greatest.

He live in Maribor, Slovenia now.







brown classic tabby. Is a angel, very “soft” character. He’s temper is very gentile and sweet.

He live in Ljubljana, Slovenia now.

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